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Orion Electronics Ltd

Orion Electronics Ltd is an old and respected Hungarian electronics company. Founded in 1913, Orion started manufacturing of radios in the 1920s and remained a prominent manufacturer of radios for many decades. The company commenced manufacturing of televisions in the 1950s and colour televisions were started in the 1970s.

Although the company was better known by its more visible products like radios, televisions and Hi-Fis, Orion designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and maintained sophisticated microwave telecommunication equipment. The equipment was supplied to a wide range of users in USSR and various other countries in Europe, Asia and South America. The equipment was very well designed and rugged enough to operate in very inhospitable terrains from the freezing winters in Siberia to the hot punishing environs in Africa.

Like most agile Hungarian companies, Orion also changed with the changing economic environment in the 1990s. Retaining the core set of skills, the company became lean and upgraded its equipment, facilities and systems while retaining a cost-effective delivery structure.

Orion got its ISO 9000 certification in 1995; ISO 9000:2000 in 2002; QS 9000/VDA 6.1 in 2001, ISO 14001 in 2002 and ISO TS 16949 in 2004.

Orion provides Electronics Manufacturing Services and Marketing & Distribution services. These are supported by warehousing and logistics.

The 'Orion' brand and Orion branded products are available in many countries. The products are known as good quality reliable products that offer excellent value for money.